Blue Light Protection

In 2019, adults on average now spend over 10 hours a day interacting with screens.  Vizion Edge is clinically proven to protect your eyes at the highest level from all harmful light rays. This means in addition to protecting your eyes from the sun, it also protects your eyes from blue light damage acquired from high exposure to screens.


Vizion Edge is the only supplement tested with a 100% response rate in patients with 20/20 vision — This means 100% of patients who already had 20/20 vision experienced enhanced visual performance when supplemented with Vizion Edge.  

Vizion Edge is clinically proven to support vision, reaction time, visual processing and overall visual performance. It is also clinically proven to protect eyes from harfmul light rays — including (UV rays) sunlight and Blue Light, i.e., the screen you are looking at right now.

Backed by science

Vizion Edge is the only visual performance supplement backed by Level-1 scientific evidence — That's the most robust scientific evidence that exists!  It is currently supported by over 300 peer-reviewed publications.  It has been scientifically formulated and clinically tested to improve visual performance and reaction time.

Scientific Research